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Frontline Fundraising Ideas
Sell Your (old) Clothes!


You know you have them.  No I’m not talking about tacky christmas sweaters, but it’s just as bad.  Old clothes that you just don’t wear anymore.  They look at you everytime you open your closet with those drab colors and patterns that just don’t attract you anymore.  But they’re still perfectly good!  Take them to a resale shop; Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s closet are a couple of good ones.  Check out their websites for locations and what they are buying.  My first time, I made over $150.  

  • Number of people needed: One+
  • Time needed to plan:  Same day-1 week if getting club involved.  
  • Difficulty to pull off: Extremely easy

Extra Tip:  Get your club involved!  Take a look at the websites and describe the types of clothes you want them to bring to the next meeting in garbage bags, and take one big trip.  Or you could just harass your friends and raid their closets for old clothes.  Either way.  

Lost?  Need directions?  Call Troy, Movement Intern, @ 619-562-2799 x 163 and he will google maps you out of there.   

Faculty Talent Show


As the winter season approaches, what better way to bring in the holiday cheer at your school than by gathering in your auditorium to watch your teachers and principal and admin staff dress in insane outfits while juggling and/or playing the guitar? Charge at the door and make it an event that everyone can and should attend. 

Number of People:

- A couple of friends + a teacher to help you run it by faculty

What You’ll Need:

- A few willing teachers who are willing to lip sync, dance, play the guitar, do a karate demonstration, etc.

-Your school’s permission to host the event.

-Whistles and horns from the local dollar store that you can sell once people buy their ticket

Difficulty to plan/execute:

-It may be a bit difficult to convince your teachers, but if you ask nicely and tell them what you’re fundraising for, the rest should be easy peasy. Just make sure you promote the event at your school as much as possible. Poster everywhere.

To talk about this fundraising idea,  contact Jocelyn Gonzalez, Movement Intern at Invisible Children, at jgonzalez@invisiblechildren.com or 619-562-2799 ext. 182.

Cake Auction


*For anyone!

I’m sure you all know that Thanksgiving is in a few weeks.  My family is huge and we usually have three to four Thanksgiving dinners to go to. (Ridiculous, I know.)  Sometimes it’s difficult to bring a dish to each of these dinners.  One thing I’ve seen a few groups do, and a lot of families can find helpful, is a cake auction. 

Right before a holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc.) have friends parents, your church, teachers or different local restaurants to donate different desserts.  Hold an auction at your school, church or community.  The better the dessert, the more money you will potentially get.  It’s extremely easy to execute, and I’ve seen groups in the past raise hundreds of dollars through this. ($100 for a carrot cake. I’ve seen it happen.)

  • Number of people needed: You’ll need 3-6 people to plan, promote and get baked goods.  The more the merrier though!
  • Time needed to plan:   Allow yourself a week or so to promote and get the baked goods ready.
  • Difficulty to pull off: Extremely easy.

*Extra tip: Maybe you could even show a bracelet film, or better yet, Tony! Educate people and satisfy their sweet tooth.

Email or call Gabby, Movement Intern at Invisible Children.


619.562.2799 Ext. 198

Smart-code (QR) Posters


* For Anyone, especially you tech-savvy IC supporters

imageThe iPhone. It seems like everyone has one nowadays. Why not take advantage of it? Copy and paste the URL of your fundraising page at this website to create a smart code. Then it’s as easy as copy and pasting the code into a word document to make a poster, and bam- you’re all set. Get permission to hang them up at your high school, university, or even local coffee shops and stores. See if local or school newspapers will donate ad space to you to put the code and a short blurb in their paper. Before you know it, people can donate to your page right from their phones!

  • Number of people needed: Your lovely self, and some nice supermarket/restaurant/library managers willing to let you use some wall space
  • Time needed to plan execute: Ten minutes to make the posters.
  • Difficulty to pull off: Easy. 

Email or call Courtney McGuire, Movement Intern at Invisible Children, at cmcguire@invisiblechildren.com or 619-562-2799 extension 162 to talk more about making this happen. 

Black Friday Fundraisers


Tis’ the season….for crazy holiday shopping. And for you to capitalize on it. Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving- Nov. 25) is the biggest shopping day of the year. There are a number of things you can do: gift wrapping, passing out hot chocolate to people waiting in line, baby sitting while parents go shopping, etc. 

Gift Wrapping:

  • Number of people needed: As many as you want, but roughly 2 to 3
  • Time needed to plan/execute: A few days in advance. Call a store you where you know lots of people will be shopping (such as Best Buy, Target, Barnes and Noble, Wal-Mart, etc) and ask them to set up a table outside their door for gift wrapping. Gather your rolls of paper, bows, tape, and good holiday cheer. I would plan on being there and set-up when the store opens (this is usually 4 or 5am, but check with the stores).
  • Difficulty to plan/execute: ABC, as easy as 123. The key to making it successful is being there and being festive. The longer you stay, the more you make. 

*Extra tip: Make a sign that says Free Gift Wrapping. Put a donation jar and some info about IC or Frontline. People will be drawn to the table because it’s “free” and then they’ll donate when they hear what you are raising money for (and typically more that they would if you put a price on it). An example club collected $500 wrapping for “free” from 5-10am outside of a Best Buy. 

Hot Chocolate:

  • Number of people needed: As many as you want, but roughly 2 to 3
  • Time needed to plan/execute: A matter of hours- make thermoses of hot chocolate or get Starbucks to donate coffee (set that up a week in advance by calling a local store and asking them to donate brewed coffee on Nov. 25).  Be there before stores open and sell cups for $.50 - $1 to people standing in the cold, waiting for stores to open.
  • Difficulty to plan/execute: ABC, as easy as 123. The key to making it successful is being there and being festive. The hardest part is waking up so early. 

*Extra tip: You can do this at the same stores you gift wrap at, or organize a few teams of people and split up, going to different places expanding your reach (you’re best option).

To talk more about this idea, contact Sarah Chaplin, Regional Manager at Invisible Children, at schaplin@invisiblechildren.com or 619.562.2799 ext.138

A Life-Saving Variety Show


Though this sounds like a huge undertaking, fear not. This is actually one of the best ways to network and gain community-wide attention in one event. With the holidays coming up, creating a variety show may be incredibly successful. The best part of a variety show is, well, the variety.

Contact your school’s dance team, theater department, choir, etc. Have a silent auction going on in the back with some art department work. Make it dinner and a show by contacting your school’s culinary dept. or community restaurants for donations. And please don’t hesitate to show some IC media. Sell tickets to over-excited parents, community higher-ups [Rotary Clubs, Chamber of Commerce, etc.]

I know it sounds like lots of prep, though with proper delegation, this event can occur seamlessly and raise oodles of money—along with providing a festive feeling for all involved. #win

Don’t be afraid of this idea, it has amazing potential.

If you have any questions/concerns or need help making this happen, feel free to contact:

Natalie Blanton

619) 562-2799 x 193


T-Shirt Party and Sale!


* So long as you’re old enough to hold scissors, you’re probably old enough. 


  • Brand new plain t-shirts in assorted sizes
  • Fabric paint
  • Friends
  • That kid in class who makes really cool art designs

Take a Saturday to hang out with your friends and create some awesome Invisible Children t-shirts! Make a basic design, create stencils out of them, pass them out to your buddies and go crazy! Bring them to sell at your place of worship, school’s football game, next student assembly, wherever and whenever!

*Bonus Tip: If a friend or friend’s parent works at a store, they could probably get you a discount off of supplies. You could also see if stores would be willing to donate the supplies!

To talk about this fundraising idea, contact Jocelyn Gonzalez, Movement Intern at Invisible Children, at jgonzalez@invisiblechildren.com or 619-562-2799 ext. 182.

Student Art Exhibition


*For high schools and colleges

Gather a bunch of your artistic friends, and arrange an evening for people to come and look at their art (paintings, ceramics, photos, sculptures, etc). Charge admission at the door ($3 or $5), and provide refreshments for people to purchase as well. This is a great fundraiser because it makes good money and gives the artists an opportunity to get their names out in the community.

Number of people needed: 10-15 artists and a couple other people to coordinate and advertise the event

Time needed to plan/execute: A couple weeks to advertise and get all the art prepared to be shown.

Difficulty to plan/execute: Medium. Promotion is what will make this fundraiser successful.

To talk more about this idea, contact Rosa Colman, Movement Intern at Invisible Children, at rcolman@invisiblechildren.com or 619.562.2799 ext. 174.

Photo Shoot


If you love to take photographs, or know someone who does, then this fundraiser is for you! Ask someone to donate their photography services, and charge a small amount ($15 or $20) per photo session. Set up an afternoon in a nice location, and invite high school seniors, families, friends, etc to come and get professional pictures taken at a very reduced price. People pay up front for the photos, and then the photographer will have DVDs of pictures ready in the following days!

  • Number of people needed: The photographer and a couple of assistants to keep things organized.
  • Time needed to plan/execute: One or two weeks to get the photographer and advertise the photo shoot. A couple days after the photo shoot to get the DVDs made.
  • Difficulty to plan/execute: Relatively easy. The key to making it successful is getting people to come out for the photo shoot.

*Extra tip: Do this fundraiser before the holidays, so that families can use these photos to send out in their annual holiday cards!

To talk more about this idea, contact Rosa Colman, Movement Intern at Invisible Children, at rcolman@invisiblechildren.com or 619.562.2799 ext.174

Coffee for the Black Friday Crazies


* For Anyone

This is really easy to pull off. You need to get some brave friends that are willing to get up early, make some coffee, find a place where a lot of people are going to be waiting in line, set up a table, and start selling coffee. If you let them in on what you’re doing, some coffee shops might even donate coffee to you. It is a great way to tell people about Invisible Children and probably even get donations in the process!

  • Number of people needed: The more, the better. 
  • Time needed to plan execute: Enough time to make coffee and get a table set up outside of the store of your choice.
  • Difficulty to pull off: Easy. 

Email or call Laura Kramer, Movement Intern at Invisible Children, at lkramer@invisiblechildren.com or 619.562.2799 ext. 168 to talk more about this. 

Snow Removal


*Any age and any group size*

For those of you who live in the colder climates, this is an easy way to serve your community and serve the people of Central Africa.  


  • Shovel/Snow Blower
  • Warm Clothing

This simple fundraiser is one you can do individually or with family and friends. Simply tell your neighbors how you are raising money for Invisible Children’s Protection Plan and that you would love to shovel their driveway and sidewalks for donations. This is an easy and quick way to raise some money and meet your fundraising goal!

Have any questions? Feel free to call or message me, Katie Randall (619) 562 - 2799 ext 180 or krandall@invisiblechildren.com

Rave to Save


*For high schools and colleges.

Who doesn’t love a dance party?  This idea is pretty simple, but may need some time to execute.  Hold a dance party, call it Rave to Save and sell tickets for $10-$15 a piece. Done.

You could even contact a few chain restaurants (ie Chick Fil A, Dominoes or Krispy Kreme) to donate food for the event. 

If you’re at a college see if you can get the college radio station to DJ or find someone on campus who DJs.  If you’re in high school get your older brother, cousin, friend, dog. You get the picture.

  • Number of people to execute: However many you think.  It’d be cool if you could partner with the SGA on campus or just form a committee of 10+ people to plan the event.
  • Time needed to plan:  Start planning now!  Make time for promotion so you can have a good turn out.  Probably around 3 weeks to plan.
  • Difficulty level:  Medium.

*Extra Tip: Go to Wal-Mart and buy cheap glow sticks to sell for a dollar or so a piece. It’d be a good way to earn some extra cash.

Email or call Gabby, Movement Intern at Invisible Children.


619.562.2799 Ext. 198

Cut them lawns.


What better way to make some moolah and end Africa’s longest running than by getting some outdoor loving and cutting people’s lawns.


  • Lawn mower
  • Grass
  • Sweet attitude

Go around your neighborhood and reach out to your community saying you’ll cut their lawns for donations. You can hand out copies of the Protection Plan and let them know why you’re doing this. This is another great way to spread awareness and take your fundraising goals to the next level.

Have any questions? Feel free to call or message me, Timmy Harris (619) 562 - 2799 ext 140 or tharris@invisiblechildren.com.

Parent’s Night Out (Babysitting!)


The idea of this is pretty simple and it can be really cool.  Basically, you are taking care of children for their parents so that they can have a special night together (or maybe just a little quiet time).  Location could be a gym or a kindergarten room at an elementary school or something.  There are a few extra things that you can do to make this even more successful below, but here are the basics:  

  • Number of people Needed: 10-20+, depending on how many kids are needing to be …sat
  • Time needed to plan: at least two weeks+
  • Difficulty level: Medium.  

Extra Tip: Work with PTAs (Parent-Teacher Association)- they usually have regular meetings.  Work with parents there and try to get them/teachers to help, especially with the toddlers.  It might get messy.  Advertise through them as well- see if you can get time to speak about it during a meeting.  

Questions?  Comments?  Crying babies?  Call Troy, Movement intern, @ (619) 562-2799 ext 163.  He has answers.  

Hair Comes Santa Claus


*For high schools and middle schools*

Have a number of teachers commit to letting their facial hair grow out, and the teachers who have the least amount of money in their jar at a certain time are allowed to shave (you can decide how often you check the jars).  At the end of the competition, the teacher with the most money (and therefore the biggest beard) dresses up as Santa, sprays his beard white, and takes pictures with students (not on lap!) for $1. Make a webpage where pictures will be posted!  

  • Number of people needed: As many male teachers as you can get to participate plus a few helpers to count money and take photos. 
  • Time needed to plan/execute: Allow at least a week to plan, promote, and recruit teachers.  
  • Difficulty to pull off: Once you get the teachers on board, not hard at all! 

Email or call Tessa, Movement Intern at Invisible Children, at: tstadeli@invisiblechildren.com or 619-562-2799 ext. 333 to talk more about it!